Bode O. Kehoe

    BODEZ TUBE STEAKS & SUCH                       

WELCOME - We at “Bodez” are originally from Chicago, IL transplanted in Citrus County, Florida via the Keys.  As everyone is aware, Chicagoans are serious about two things in life, Pizza and Hot Dogs.  Here at Bodez because we are really serious about our sausages, we feature only the finest, all beef hot dogs and polish sausage from the world’s best beef company, Vienna, who has been in business over one hundred and twenty years.

We serve our dogs and sausages only on steamed poppy seed buns, (OK, OK, for those of you who don’t desire poppy seeds, we carry plain buns also) with all of the usual “Chicago” toppings, including neon green relish, yellow mustard, onions, sport peppers, tomatoes, topped off with celery salt and a dill pickle freshly prepared.  Note that in the true Chicago tradition we do not add ketchup to our sandwiches.  True Chicago hot dogs with ketchup can only be sold for consumption by children under ten years of age.  (Alright, IF YOU REALLY MUST HAVE KETCHUP, it is available).  (additional condiments are also available on request)

For those not desiring “red” meat, Bodez also serves high quality “Turkey Dogs.”  Bodez  will always try to please you, the customer and give you a true “Chicago Experience.

Bodez  will always try to please you, the customer and give you a true “Chicago Experience".  We are located at 630 NE 2nd Ave Crystal River, FL 34428 - the bright yellow building!!

Bodez attempts to service our customers at local (Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Marion Counties) meetings, events and fairs.  If you would like us at your festival or event, please let us know (352 794 6216 or 

Bodez is named for our first grandson, Bode O. Kehoe, born in 2011, that’s his picture to the left.